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CIGNA Offers Free Biometric Screenings

July 11, 2011

in Wellness

If your company’s health insurance is provided by CIGNA, then we have great news for you! CIGNA is offering FREE biometric screenings to all new and renewing CIGNA clients. So what’s the catch you ask? CIGNA requires a minimum of 20 participants and the screening must be booked within 90 days of your group plan’s effective date. That’s it! Even better, these biometric screenings are done at the location of your business; taking a mere 20 minutes of each of your employees’ time. At a value of $41 per participant, CIGNA groups are highly encouraged to take advantage of this incredible offer!

If your company has already initiated a wellness program or is in the process of doing so, you are likely aware of the significance of a biometric screening. And if your reasoning behind initiating a wellness program is to reduce overall health costs, and let’s be honest, who isn’t trying to cut costs, then enticing your employees to receive a biometric screening should be your first step towards implementing a wellness program.

What is a biometric screening?

You’ve all heard the statistics. Healthy employees cost less, are more productive and have less absenteeism than those employees who are unhealthy. But did you know that, according to a study done by the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center, a healthy employee costs nearly $4,000 less per year? What’s perhaps even more shocking is that many people first discover health risks as a result of completing a biometric screening!

All biometric screenings typically provide similar information, but in this case, CIGNA’s biometric screenings provide immediate measurement, analysis and results for the following:

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL (healthy cholesterol)
  • Coronary risk ratio
  • Glucose level
  • Blood pressure
  • Height, weight and waist circumference
  • Body mass index (BMI)

How does all this data benefit your company and it’s wellness program? CIGNA provides reports to help your company create wellness initiatives that fit your demographic. Following all HIPAA guidelines, these reports provide an overall summary of your employees’ biometric screening results so you can identify a wellness program that’s right for your company. For more details, view the “Bringing Health and Wellness to the Workplace” fact sheet.

Convinced yet? Let us do the work – contact us to set-up a screening at your workplace!

If you are not insured by CIGNA, don’t be discouraged – we can help your company offer a biometric screening to your employees at a low cost. Simply call our office and speak with your group’s Account Manager.

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chrissy July 16, 2014 at 12:09 pm

yes I work for asurion and have cigna I was told get discount if I do biometric screening but unsure how to order kit can u help?

Peggy October 29, 2014 at 12:58 pm

What does Cigna do with the information the Biometric screening produces if you are insured by Cigna? Do they use it to deny benefits to those employees that are high risk? Do they increase the cost of insurance of those employees?

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