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1 Down And Only 2 More To Go!

June 29, 2011

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Many of you work with either Vicki, Jennifer or Sarah on a daily basis, so you already know their intelligence levels are superhuman. For those of you unfamiliar with these three, get to know them here first, then come back and read on. Without the use of force or even bribery, these three registered for the Registered Health Underwriter® (RHU). The RHU® curriculum contains two required courses; Group Benefits and Advanced Topics in Group Benefits, and two elective courses in which you can choose between; Individual Health Insurance and Advanced Topics in Managed Care.

Vicki, Jennifer and Sarah all took Group Benefits as their first course and any guesses on who passed?

Well, they all three passed!

What a huge accomplishment. These three worked extremely hard to attend all classes, including studying for the exam at home and on the weekends. Now that’s dedication!

The entire RHU® curriculum offers “the most comprehensive information available on group benefits and health insurance for individuals and families.”  The courses will also help these three stay current with “the major benefit protection laws, including COBRA, ERISA and HIPAA.” The dedication to complete and attend all the classes for just one course is extensive; two hours every week for a 12-week period and the requirement to pass a comprehensive test at the end of the course.

COBRA? ERISA? HIPAA? Group Benefits? Most of you should be just a ball of excitement right now! Right? Not only will these courses further these gals’ own knowledge, but they will be an even more powerful resource for you to utilize when managing your own group employee benefits. And they are just thrilled to share all their new knowledge with you!

See, we told you we’d do (almost all) your job for you! See previous post Now You Can Have Someone Else Do (Almost All) Your Job For You to see what we’re talking about . . .

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