Buyers Study

Hilary McCart, Account Executive, Unum

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Running time: 27:00
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Program description
This study examines the impact of key economic, regulatory and marketplace challenges facing employers. The study covers two main areas of inquiry: broad macro trends and employee benefits trends, including Unum experience. Topics include:

  • Economic pressures of rising health care costs;
  • Health care reform mandates and tax implications;
  • Employee engagement and productivity challenges;
  • Administrative demands, including leave/absence management;
  • Increased employee financial vulnerability;
  • Shift in employee retirement age; and
  • Unum benefit sales trends

This study also discusses the implications of these trends for employers:

  • Employers will continue to look for new strategies and tools to control healthcare costs, particularly consumer driven health plans;
  • Employers will need to consider offering flexible benefit packages to accommodate an increasingly diverse workforce;
  • As employees are given more responsibility for making health and financial benefits decisions, employers will need to provide them with effective tools, support and educational information to assist in decision-making; and
  • Employers increasingly will recognize the importance of tracking and managing the time and costs involved in employee absences, and will look for strategies and tools in this area.

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