Employer Duty to Provide Coverage – What Do I Need to Do Next?

Life Policy Cancellation

Mark W. Major, J.D., Law Office of Mark W. Major, P.C.

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Running time: 2:09:00
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Program description

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Brief review of how to determine large employer status.
  • Transition relief for non-calendar year plans
  • Measurement and stability periods – when used and how they work
    • Rules for classifying employees as full time, variable hour, seasonal and “ongoing”
    • Structuring measurement and stability periods for current (ongoing) employees
    • Structuring measurement and stability periods for variable hour and seasonal employees
    • Impact of rehire and break in service rules
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Model Notice
    • What else to include
    • How to respond to employee questions
    • Fiduciary duties in terms of complete and accurate responses
  • Health Reform Employer Impact Analysis Tool
    • Sample report

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