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Raise Your Hand If You Like Discount Prescriptions

August 8, 2011

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Did everyone raise their hand? My guess is most everyone would raise their hand if asked this question. Or maybe you aren’t sure if you like discount prescriptions because let’s face it, you are “one of those” who never needs a prescription. If you think you are “one of those,” don’t give up on us yet.

Chances are you’ve had an ear infection, strep throat, a cold or the flu at some point in your life where you were given a prescription by a doctor. Hello, discount prescriptions! Hint: now you should be raising your hand!

King Soopers, Target, Walgreens and Walmart all offer a discount generic prescription drug program which allow you to…
refill a generic prescription for as little as $4 per month!

And guess what? You are eligible for these refill programs whether or not you have prescription drug coverage through your insurance plan and even if you have no insurance at all. (Which by the way, we strongly advise against. You should probably contact us – we have a dedicated staff member who handles insurance for individuals not on a group plan). And in most cases, prices are less than insurance co-pays or mail order!

Most importantly, don’t fear the generics! Generic drugs are chemically equivalent to brand-name drugs and work just as well for most all patients. If you have any concerns about a generic drug, your doctor or pharmacist will be able to have a conversation with you about that.

By utilizing generic prescriptions, you could save yourself $20 to $50 or more per refill! You can ask your doctor or the pharmacist if a generic alternative is available, or you can take advantage of the research we’ve done for you ahead of time. Browse the following lists to see if your prescription has a generic alternative and find a generic program closest to you.

King Soopers
More than 300 generic prescriptions that are either $4 (for a 30-day supply) or $10 (for a 90-day supply). No membership fee is required and you can even order refills online!
Click here for an alphabetical drug listing of all their generic prescriptions.
Click here to order a refill online.

Also $4 (for a 30-day supply) and $10 (for a 90-day supply). You can order refills online and even set-up auto refills for those drugs you take on a recurring basis.
Click here for an alphabetical drug listing of all their generic prescriptions.
Click here to order a refill online.
Click here to set-up an auto refill.

More than 400 generic prescriptions that are either $9.99 (for a 30-day supply) or $12 (for a 90-day supply). A yearly membership fee is required ($20 per individual or $35 per family). You can enroll in their program online or stop by your local Walgreens pharmacy.
Click here to view all their generic prescriptions by category.
Click here to enroll online in their Prescription Savings Club.

$4 (for a 30-day supply) and $10 (for a 90-day supply). Offering many online tools, you can start a new prescription, pay for your prescriptions online with Rx Express Pay, refill prescriptions, transfer your prescriptions to Walmart or browse their generic prescriptions available.
Click here to access all their online features.

It Gets Even Better

In the next 14 months, dramatic changes will be happening in the world of prescription medications. Patents will be expiring on seven of the world’s top-selling drugs, including cholesterol fighter Lipitor and blood thinner Plavix. This will result in huge savings for users of these prescriptions. A generic version of Lipitor is expected to hit pharmacies at the end of November 2011 and will cost around $10 for a 30-day supply!

Here’s a look at what patents are expiring soon on a few top-selling drugs and when you can expect to see a generic version available in pharmacies:

  • Lipitor, November 2011
  • Lexapro, March 2012
  • Plavix, May 2012
  • Seroquel, March 2012
  • Singulair, August 2012

For a complete list of estimated dates for first-time versions of generic prescription drug availability, click here.

Happy savings!

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