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Flu Shot

Your 2011 Flu Shot Guide

October 4, 2011

in Wellness

As flu season nears, questions are sure to arise about how the flu shot will be covered under your health insurance plan, where you can get a flu shot, when you should get a flu shot and many others. Knowing that all our clients are not covered by the same insurance carrier, we have compiled all the information you will need about flu shots in one place. Whether you have health insurance through CIGNA, Anthem, UnitedHealthcare or Rocky Mountain Health Plans, this is your readily available guide to use when you need to start making decisions on a flu shot.

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The time has come. You’ve heard all about a Health Risk Assessment (if you haven’t, keep reading). The term “Biometric Screening” has been thrown around all over the place lately (you can find an overview of that here). You know it takes incentives to get employees excited enough to participate in a wellness program. And we’re sure you’ve considered the idea that maybe the insurance companies are using biometric data results to determine your rates at renewal. So let’s debunk some common misconceptions you may have regarding Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screenings when administered by your insurance carrier.
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If your company’s health insurance is provided by CIGNA, then we have great news for you! CIGNA is offering FREE biometric screenings to all new and renewing CIGNA clients. So what’s the catch you ask? CIGNA requires a minimum of 20 participants and the screening must be booked within 90 days of your group plan’s effective date. That’s it! Even better, these biometric screenings are done at the location of your business; taking a mere 20 minutes of each of your employees’ time. At a value of $41 per participant, CIGNA groups are highly encouraged to take advantage of this incredible offer!

If your company has already initiated a wellness program or is in the process of doing so, you are likely aware of the significance of a biometric screening. And if your reasoning behind initiating a wellness program is to reduce overall health costs, and let’s be honest, who isn’t trying to cut costs, then enticing your employees to receive a biometric screening should be your first step towards implementing a wellness program.

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